The Energy and Environment Research Group

The Energy and Environment (E&E) research group focuses on increasing the efficiency of the production and consumption of the oil and gas sector while keeping the environment cleaner. In addition to valuable equipment, the group takes advantage of a multidisciplinary set of scientists with a wide range of expertise, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, geomatics engineering and chemistry. The first objective of the group is to increase energy efficiency through tested industrial solutions. The energy efficiency measures designed by the group are for both upstream and downstream usage. Highly volatile oil prices make it necessary to assure the lowest possible operational energy costs for the extracted oil or gas. We also offer solutions for aging oil and gas wells, with the objective to decrease the cost of oil and gas extraction. The second aim of the group is to offer environmental solutions for the oil and gas sector. The group members have a wide range of innovative measures to monitor and reduce emissions and to maintain cleaner fossil fuel production and consumption. We also have strong track records of successful industrial projects, in addition to publications in highly reputable international journals.

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